Modern day parable about a plane and a parachute

One moonlit night, unbeknownst to the passengers of a plane, hijackers broke into the cockpit, violently took over the controls, contacted the control tower and demanded that the White House release a large number of political prisoners.  When the authorities refused to comply with their demands, the terrorists threatened to fire on the passengers, and force them out of an open door at 20,000 feet.  During negotiations, the captain was able to scribble a note on an official piece of paper warning of the hijackers and telling each passenger to reach under the seat where they could find a parachute, which they were instructed to put on immediately.  As the note was passed from passenger to passenger, there were different reactions – some saw the note was obviously authentic, since it was written on official paper, and besides, they remembered the strange jolt that had occurred when the hijackers violently took control of the plane.  Those passengers immediately put the parachute on, realizing that they had nothing to lose, but their pride if the note was fraudulent, and everything to gain if it was true.  Some passengers refused to believe the note, because they thought that there was no way that there could be a parachute beneath the seat.  They were so sure that they didn’t even bother the check.  A couple passengers rejected the note because there was a passenger only pretended to put the parachute on…  They could see he hadn’t bothered to tighten the straps.  Others just laughed at the note and thought it was some kind of joke, while others didn’t bother reading it because they were watching an onboard movie.  Some passengers even ignored the evidence of the official paper, and the jolt of the plane, and instead maintained that they believed the plane didn’t have a pilot and there was no aircraft maker. As far as they were concerned, it just came together by accident, taking millions of years.

Then, suddenly the hijackers burst into the darkened cabin, thrust open the exit doors and started firing automatic weapons over the terrified passengers heads, forcing them to jump 20,000 feet into the darkness.  Most fell to their deaths; however, those who had the good sense to believe and obey the captain were saved from such a horrible death.

Here’s the analogy…  There is nothing wrong with questioning the authenticity of the Bible, the existence of God and hypocrisy in the church.  However, it is wise to put on the parachute first.  To reach under the seat, and do what the note says.  Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.  The parachute is either there or it isn’t.  After you’ve secured your own salvation, then you can worry about the fate of the hypocrite.  And if you think it is important, you can try to figure out the age of the earth, etc, etc…

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