Christianity just makes sense

God the Son (Jesus Christ) entered the world and when He started His ministry, He chose very ordinary men for disciples. He didn’t directly write any books, He didn’t give indisputable evidence to the Pharisees to prove who He was. But He made sure those disciples saw and experienced who He was. Then in order to enable them to do the task He was asking them to do, which was to evangelize the world, He sent the Holy Spirit. He has provided enough evidence that Christianity is true, so that those who believe can do so reasonably. But He has left enough room for faith and/or doubt so that those who desire to reject Him can do so freely. If He had given too much evidence, unbelievers would’ve been compelled to believe, in effect losing their free will choice, which is not what He wants. He wants us to freely choose Him because we love Him. He doesn’t want people who would’ve otherwise rejected Him to feel forced to believe in Him. Wow. It is amazing how He could’ve so masterfully pulled that off. He’s God. He knew exactly the right “buttons to push” to reveal Himself at just the right level. The end result is that the believers don’t understand how the unbelievers could not possibly see the obvious truth of Christianity, while the unbelievers think that the believers have fallen hook, line and sinker for a myth and/or fairytale. I am continually amazed that 11 ordinary, unschooled men, could turn the world upside down. For more details, see the first 5 chapters of Acts.

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