mid-week apologetics booster (5-22-2014)

Hello Everyone,

I sincerely hope you’re having a blessed week, living out the situations that God has you in.  I wanted to pass on a few more things to keep you thinking:

  1. I was able to find that little video that Frank Turek showed in his presentation last week on the ‘problem of evil’ and the goodness of God.
  2. Warner Wallace wrote a book called “Cold Case Christianity”.  I’ve referred to it in the class and I would highly recommend it.  His (very unique) approach is that of a cold case homicide detective.  In this short article, he responds to a criticism about his evidential approach.  What I like about this is that he takes the critic’s statement and substitutes anything that refers to the Bible or Christianity with the Book of Mormon or Mormonism – the result sounds ridiculous.  He makes his point powerfully that it was an evidential approach that both drew him into Christianity and kept him out of Mormonism.
  3. For those of you that like to hear about intelligent design and science related arguments for the existence of God, here is a good (but long) lecture given by Stephen Meyer in November 2011, author of Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design.
  4. Great C.S. Lewis quote: ‎”One of the greatest difficulties is to keep before the audience’s mind the question of Truth. They always think you are recommending Christianity not because it is true, but because it is good. And in the discussion they will at every moment try to escape from the issue ‘True-or False’ into stuff about a good society, or morals, or incomes of Bishops, or the Spanish inquisition, or France, or Poland—or anything whatever. You have to keep forcing them back, and again back, to the real point. Only thus you will be able to undermine…their belief that a certain amount of ‘religion’ is desirable but one mustn’t carry it too far. One must keep on pointing out that Christianity is a statement which, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.
  5. 2 Free online books written by famous apologist Gary Habermas:
    1. The Thomas Factor: Using Your Doubts to Draw Closer to God
    2. Dealing With Doubt
  6. Small Section from the chapter “Hurdling Social Barriers” of a book called “How to Give Away Your Faith” by Paul E. Little:
  7. Good article on the topic of hell entitled “Why would a loving God send people to Hell?”.
  8. If you like debates, here is a page full of them.
  9. Warner Wallace quote: Christians believe that people are condemned for their sinful behavior – the “wages of sin is death” – not for what they fail to do. The quoted challenge is like saying that the sick man died of “not going to the doctor.” No, the person died of a specific condition – perhaps cancer or a heart attack – which a doctor might have been able to cure. So too with eternal punishment. No one is condemned for refusing to believe in Jesus. While Jesus can – and does – provide salvation for those who seek it, there is nothing unjust about not providing salvation to those who refuse to seek it.
  10. Here is a page that shows that large sections of the Book of Mormon were plagiarized from the King James Bible.  It shows the King James text on the left and the plagiarized Book of Mormon text on the right.

Well, that ought to be enough for you to chew on this week.  Hopefully you’ll find something interesting in there.

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