Here are some things I ran into this week:

  1. Ray Comfort asked are you afraid to die? (this is a 24 page portion of a book):
  2. Stephen Meyer debate with biology professor Peter D. Ward on intelligent design vs. evolution:
  3. Greg Koukl debating Prof. John Baker, a philosophy professor from U of Calgary on the subject “Do moral truths exist?” (this is part 1 of 12 – you will see the others on the side bar of the youtube page) –
  8. ‘Simple and Elegant’ Insect Design Showcases Creation:
  9. Just this morning, I saw an article on the Yahoo home page stating the following:
    The closest known habitable planet is 13 light years away.
    So, I went to the link and read it.  Making fantastic claims about this discovery.  So I ran a search for “Habitable Planet” in my custom google search engine.  Here is one short article in results that’s worth taking a look at:


Have a great week!

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