Coexist bumper sticker and Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem

I was in a parking lot yesterday and saw a car having both a “Coexist” bumper sticker:


And the flying spaghetti monster emblem:


In one sense, it is not too surprising because many of those who have no religious affiliation (represented by FSM emblem) have a belief that religion “poisons everything” and is the cause of wars (reason for Coexist bumper sticker).  So, in that sense, I think the worldviews represented by these 2 symbols are not unlikely to be held by the same person.

However, the thought came to mind that these symbols are actually contradictory.  By having the FSM symbol on the car (which mocks religious faith), the person is not abiding by the worldview espoused by the other symbol on their car (tolerance of all religions).

There is a book I’ve read called Conversational Evangelism: how to listen and speak so you can be heard.  In chapter 3, it talks about talks about “Hearing Sour Notes”.  These sour notes are contradictory ideas being expressed by a person.  On page 60 of the book, it says “Sour notes exist in non-Christian belief systems, and these must be surfaced and shown for what they are.  Learning how to do this is a key part of Conversational Evangelism.”

If I were to be able to talk to the owner of that car about the symbols.  I would be asking them what they wanted to communicate by having those 2 emblems on the back of their car.  Hopefully, in that discussion, they would realize that they are communicating contradictory beliefs.  I have to believe that they currently haven’t even given it a thought…

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