20 Quotes from “The Grace Awakening” by Chuck Swindoll

  1. The definition of justification: it is the sovereign act of God whereby he declares righteous the believing sinner while still in his sinning state. It doesn’t mean that the believing sinner stops sinning – it doesn’t even mean that the believing sinner is made righteous in the sense of suddenly becoming perpetually perfect. The sinner is declared righteous.
  2. Ponder this: if the Father is satisfied with his Son’s full payment for sin, and we are in his Son by grace through faith, then He is satisfied with you and me. How long must Christians live before we finally believe that?
  3. Legalism is an attitude, a mentality based on pride. It is an obsessive conformity to an artificial standard for the purpose of exalting oneself. A legalist assumes the place of authority and pushes it to unwarranted extremes.
  4. Legalism: the manufacturing and manipulation of rules for the purpose of illegitimate control. Perhaps the most damaging of all the perversions of God’s will and Christ’s work, legalism clings to law at the expense of grace, to the letter in place of the Spirit. – Daniel Taylor
  5. A Theology that rests its salvation on one ounce of human performance is not good news, it is bad information. It is heresy. It is antithetical to the true message that lit the spark of the Reformation: Sola fide – faith alone.
  6. A Salvation that begins with God’s love reaching down to lost humanity and is carried out by Christ’s death and resurrection results in all the praise going to God. But a salvation that includes human achievement, hard work, personal effort, even religious deeds distorts the good news because man gets the glory, not God. The problem is, it appeals to the flesh.
  7. Grace says you have nothing to give, nothing to earn, nothing to pay. You couldn’t if you tried!
  8. Allow the quickening power of God’s grace to awaken within you a hunger for Liberty. Those who let freedom be taken from them not only embrace heresy, they live under the thumb of grace killers who love to control and intimidate.
  9. You want to mess up the minds of your children? Here’s how- guaranteed! Rear them in a legalistic, tight context of external religion, where performance is more important than reality. Fake your faith.Sneak around and pretend your spirituality. Train your children to do the same. Embrace a long list of do’s and don’ts publicly, but hypocritically practice them privately …yet never own up to the fact that that it’s hypocrisy. Act one way but live another. And you can count on it emotional and spiritual damage will occur.
  10. There came a day when an eternal Emancipation Proclamation was made known throughout the heavens and all the way to the pit of hell – “the sinner is officially set free!” It is the announcement that originated from Christ’s empty tomb on that first Easter, the day our great Emancipator, Christ, set us free. Doctrinally, the word is redemption. He redeemed us.
  11. Christ came on the scene and he saw every one of us on the slave block – lost, miserable, spiritually useless, and unable to change ourselves or escape from the bondage of our master. Moved by compassion and prompted by love, He, in grace, paid the price to free us. The price was His death. By doing so, He said to every one of us, in effect “You don’t have to live under your former master any longer. You’re free. You’re free to serve me for the rest of your life.”
  12. [Suggested prayer:] Jesus you are my Lord and Savior. I am your child, liberated and depending on your power. Therefore, Christ, this is your day, to be lived for your glory. Work through my eyes, my mouth, and through my thoughts and actions to carry out your victory. And, Lord, do that all day long. When I face temptations I will present myself to you and claim the strength you give to handle it. Sin has no authority over me any longer.
  13. Being creatures of habit, we still prefer the security of slavery to the risks of Liberty. That is why the slaves stayed on the plantation, and that’s why we continue to be sin-conscious even more than Savior-conscious. We know deep down that he lives within us, that he has redeemed us, but most are at a loss to know how to get beyond the fear, failure, shame, confession syndrome. How is it possible to break the habit of serving the old master and start enjoying the benefits of being free under the new one?
  14. Christ died for us on the cross. He was raised from the dead for us at the tomb. When we believed in the Savior’s death and resurrection, we were dipped into the same scene. Our identity was changed. We didn’t feel it, we didn’t see it, we didn’t hear it, but it occurred, never the less. When we came to Christ we were placed into him as his death became ours, his victorious resurrection became ours, his “awakening” to new life became our “awakening”, his powerful walk became our powerful walk. Before we can experience the benefits of all that, we have to know it.
  15. Our adversary does not want us to think like this. He would erase grace immediately if he could. But since he cannot, his strategy is to do everything in his power to deceive us into thinking like slaves. Why? Because when we start operating like Free men and women, our old master can no longer control us.
  16. Grace can be and sometimes is abused. By that I mean exercising one’s liberty without wisdom, having no concern over whether it offends or wounds the young and impressionable fellow believer. But I must hasten to add that I believe such restraint is an individual matter. It is not to be legislated, not something to be forced by someone else. Limitations are appropriate and necessary, but I fail to find in Scripture any place where one is to require such restraint from another. To do so is legalism.
  17. The best restraint is self-restraint that comes from the inner prompting of the Holy Spirit through the person and presence of Jesus Christ in each individual life. It’s been my observation over the last 30 years that the vast majority of believers need to be freed, not restrained. Our job is to free people, God’s job is to restrain them. God is doing his job much better than we’re doing ours.
  18. Before Christ we had no choice. Sin was our one and only route. All of life was marked by unrighteousness. Once we came to the cross and gave the Lord Jesus the right to rule our lives, we were granted a choice we never had before. Grace freed us from the requirement to serve sin, allowing us the opportunity to follow Christ’s directives voluntarily. So as long as we do this, we will not sin! But as soon as you or I compromise with his mastery over us, the old master stands ready to lure us into sin.
  19. Carnality occurs when a believer deliberately operates in the strength of his or her own will, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge wrong in choosing to walk contrary to the teachings of Scripture. The prompting of God’s Spirit are ignored his disobedience becomes a lifestyle.
  20. Grace comes to us in 2 dimensions, vertical and horizontal. Vertical grace centers on our relationship with God. It is amazing. It frees us from the demands and condemnation of the Mosaic Law. It announces hope to the sinner – the gift of eternal life, along with all its benefits. Horizontal grace centers on our human relationships. It is charming. It frees us from the tyranny of pleasing people and adjusting our lives to the demands and expectations of human opinion. It gives relief–the enjoyment of freedom along with all its benefits. It silences needless guilt and removes self-imposed shame.

I would highly recommend reading this book

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