5 Quotes From Chapter 1 of “Why Trust Jesus” By Dave Sterret

  1. Religious pluralism claims to be open-minded, but is it really?  When we stop and think about the claims of religious pluralism, we discover that this worldview doesn’t accept any faith expression that is not pluralistic.  Even though pluralism is touted at many universities as “open-mindedness,” it’s actually just another form of religious exclusivity.  Why?  Because it excludes anybody who doesn’t believe it.  Therefore, religious pluralism excludes the beliefs of hundreds of millions of Christians who claim that Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation.
  2. Jesus calls us to a “trust” that is not antagonistic toward evidence and reason.  Many Christians mistakenly believe that Jesus called His disciples to a “blind faith” or to a “leap of faith”.  Truthfully, He called them to a “trust” based on fact, evidence, and reason.  This doesn’t mean that God reveals all the answers immediately.  Jesus called His disciples first and then spent three years with them, living out a life that they could observe and trust.  However, the trust to which He calls us is not opposed to reason.
  3. [Paul] Copan continues, “Although some states have given up trying to figure out whom to blame for car accidents, hence no-fault insurance, truth matters.  And when the stakes are raised, when a child crossing the street is hit by a truck and killed, for example, finding the truth becomes essential.  Serious circumstances remind us that the difficulty of finding truth is no excuse for not looking.”
  4. If someone says, “You can’t know any truth about God!” you could respond by saying, “How do you know that about God being unknowable?”  That in itself is a “truth claim” that the person is professing to know.  It’s a self-defeating statement.
  5. [Regarding a person who was complaining about intolerant people] If you had been there, you could have asked Ms. Moore, “Aren’t you being intolerant of intolerant people?”  It is true that tolerance can be a positive attribute at times, but it’s equally true that people should be intolerant of some things.  I am thankful that Abraham Lincoln was intolerant of slavery, Martin Luther King Jr. was intolerant of racism, that Billy Graham is intolerant of sin, and that Winston Churchill was intolerant of oppression.

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