Cell Division

This 2 min 50 second Discovery Channel video Curiosity: The very first living thing makes some pretty astounding assertions. One of them is this:

“3.5 billion years ago, they (the first cell) do something extraordinary: they copy themselves and the cell to create a perfect clone”.

Now, assuming that the first cell did come into existence by unguided, natural processes (which is itself highly improbable as the video admits), why did it “decide” to copy itself? How many times did it try copying itself before the process worked perfectly?  Going back even further, why did the first RNA strand “decide” to repair itself (which is not covered in the video)? There is no evidence presented in the video for the first cell division.  It’s just thrown out there with no backing evidence – a “just so story”. Granted, this is a ~3min video with no time to present the full case, but I’ve seen quite a few of these types of presentations on TV for public consumption, but unfortunately, you don’t see dissenting views such as Darwin’s Dilemma presented for public consumption as well.

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