Is Faith Just a Feeling?

Evidence must play a role in faith.  As J. Warner Wallace says, at the point the evidence trail ends, you must “step off” in faith.  Faith is what covers the gap between the end of the evidence trail and what you believe.

Yesterday, I was in a conversation with someone who seemed to place a greater emphasis on “spiritual witness” than on evidence.  I asked, “What if you were walking along and found a bank statement that had your name printed on it and indicated that you had a $1,000,000 balance in the account?  Prior to finding this, you had no idea that you had a million dollars.  Would you investigate the authenticity and verify the legitimacy of that document before you started celebrating and spending the money?  Or would you just trust the feeling that this was true and never verify that it was really true?”  Now, as I think of this, there is even a better analogy.  How many times have you gotten an email (or even “snail mail”) indicating that you’d won a huge sum of money or a trip or something else?  Did you immediately trust that it was true based on your feelings?  Or did you rather investigate if it was really true?

Of course, the answer to all these questions is that you wouldn’t just blindly trust, but you would investigate.  We’re not going to just believe we’ve hit the jackpot without having some pretty good evidence that it is true.  In the same way, in matters of great importance like the Creator God and your eternal destination, you should have good reasons (other than just feelings or “spiritual witness”), that the object of your faith is real.  I’m not talking about conclusive proof, but rather evidence that this belief is true beyond a reasonable doubt.

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