“The Gospel” – sermon by Paul Washer

This is a great (and very convicting) 1 hour video sermon by Paul Washer.  Here are some quotes:

  1. If you want God, you’re going to have to let go of the world.
  2. If you love this world, be afraid!
  3. Every Christian is a demonstration of God’s power. That’s why he’s going to finish the work he started in you, because his reputation depends on it.
  4. “If you can live in sin, live in the world, with all your worldly friends, doing all your worldly things, and you can ‘get away with it’ and there’s no conviction of the Spirit, there’s no discipline from God, it is evidence that you are an illegitimate child – that you are not truly a child of God”.
  5. “Here’s what you need to understand – especially in America: the goal of God in your life is not prosperity, it’s not health, it’s not wealth, and it’s most certainly not ‘your best life now’. God’s goal, if you belong to Him as a child, is to make you holy, to conform you to the image of Christ.”
  6. Regeneration is the supernatural work of God whereby, by the Spirit of God, He re-creates a man – if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature – do you see that?… I believe that there is more power of God manifested in the conversion of a man, than in the very creation of the universe. Because He created the universe ex-nihilo – out of nothing- but when He re-creates a man, when He makes him a Christian, He takes a mass of radically depraved corruption and turns it into a new creature, who will love Him.
  7. In the supernatural work of salvation, this is what God does when a man is born-again: He takes out his heart of stone – a heart that is dead – a heart that cannot hear God, cannot respond to God, and what it knows about God, it hates!  And by the power of the Holy Spirit, hovering over that man, just like on the day of creation, God changes that man’s heart from a heart of stone that is dead and cannot respond to a heart of flesh that is living and alive and can respond to divine stimuli.

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