Yesterday when I came into work, as I was listening to an audio book on headphones (The Case for the Real Jesus) and approached my desk, I stopped it and took off my headphones.  As is usual on Monday mornings, I’m now thrust from my Christian world into the secular world, where, for the most part, people could care less about Christ.  I thought to myself, I don’t know how “they” can live this empty life, without Christ.  But then I thought to myself that there are a lot of things which I now feel are indispensable (relatively speaking) which I lived fine without previously.  For example, a flat screen LCD HD TV.  I used to be totally satisfied with my 900 pound solid state TV with the square, low definition picture.  I didn’t see any need to switch to that flat screen that everyone was talking about.  Same thing with my smart phone – I thought, why would I possibly need that?  I’m sure the unbeliever is probably thinking the same thing about Christ.  Why would I need Him?  I know I lived that way for 37 years…  I thought I was getting along fine without Him.  Now that I have Him, I can’t imagine living without Him.  Praise God.  May He use me in reaching all those who don’t yet care!

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