AWANA started last night!

It was so great to be back at AWANA last night!  All of the young Bible toting clubbers coming in their green or blue shirts and (most of them) excited that it was starting up again too.  In particular, I have responsibility, during book time, for a group of 3 5th graders.  They were all wanting to memorize verses, answer questions and talk about spiritual things.  How refreshing it was!  One of the 5th grade girls brought up the question of who created God.  In her start zone booklet, she had to name 3 attributes of God to her leader (me).  One of those attributes was that God is eternal and another was that God was the creator of the universe and everything in it.  We talked about the concept of God being eternal, and I thought she understood it.  However, shortly after that, she asked, “Who created God?”  This just reinforces the fact that we need to be teaching and practicing apologetics earlier and earlier.  I explained to her that no one created God – that since he is eternal, He has no beginning or end.  I wanted to get into the problem of infinite regress, but didn’t have the time.  Here is an article that addresses this topic well:

Anyway, it was great to have AWANA starting again and I’m looking forward to teaching, mentoring, discipling the next generation of Christians!

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