Apologetics Class 11-1-2015

Currently, we are reading the book Unsilenced: How to Voice the Gospel by James Boccardo.  It is a great book about evangelism that also includes some information about Apologetics.


Hi All,

We finished reading the closing notes for Chapter 6 (Bumps in the Road) and we watched a 10 minute witnessing clip where Todd Friel shares the gospel with a soft-spoken British guy on a train.  Really good video:


Here were the questions that we discussed related to the reading, as well as some witnessing tips from the video:

  1. (pg. 120) Ending notes:
    1. (pg. 120) How are we supposed to take advantage of “the stunned moment” after answering an objection?
    2. (pg. 121) Is it always your fault if someone is not interested and just walks away from you? What does Jesus say about this in John 7:7?
    3. (pg. 122) How do you handle an awkward pause in the conversation? What questions can you ask?
  2. Todd Friel video – witnessing tips:
    1. Start in the natural
    2. Swing to the supernatural
    3. Open God’s Law
    4. Warn of God’s Judgment
    5. Law to the Proud, Grace to the Humble: 1) If the sinner is proud and self-righteous, uphold the law. 2) If the sinner is broken-hearted and contrite, offer grace.
    6. Share the Good News!
    7. Call them to repentance and faith

Next week we start on chapter 7 (More Than Knowing What to Say).

Have a great week!

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