Apologetics Class 11-8-2015

Currently, we are reading the book Unsilenced: How to Voice the Gospel by James Boccardo.  It is a great book about evangelism that also includes some information about Apologetics.


Hi All,

Thanks for your attendance and participation on Sunday’s class.  I really enjoyed the discussion as usual.  We read all the way through chapter 7! We also watched a short, 4 ½ minute witnessing clip:

God is for People Who Believe, But I’m Not a Religious Person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H46Fr_n2m6U

Here are the questions we used to drive our discussion

Unsilenced Chapter 7 ‘More Than Knowing What to Say’ (11 pages:  pg. 125-135)

  1. (pg. 125-126) How is sharing your faith mysterious?  What does Mark 4:26-29 teach regarding this?  What is our job?  What is God’s job?
  2. (pg. 128-129) What are some things you should keep in mind after long periods of sharing the gospel without seeing any results?
  3. (pg. 130) We should share what we believe about Jesus with our ________s and our ________s.
  4. (pg. 129-130) What does the phrase “Good Works: Don’t Just Do Them, Use Them” mean?
  5. (pg. 131-133) What purpose do Gospel tracts serve?
  6. (pg. 134-135) How can we be persistent in sharing our faith?

Next week we’ll continue with chapter 8 (The Varsity Team).  It is a 25 page chapter, so we’ll definitely be splitting it up into 2-3 weeks.

Have a great week!

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