Apologetics class 12-13-2015

Hi All,

With the holidays and all the activities going on, we only had 1 person in class today 🙂  But it was a good discussion!  We started on the booklet “The Ambassador’s Guide to Pluralism”.  We read the first 3 ½ pages.  Here are the questions we used to drive our conversation:

  1. (pg. 2) How can someone both confess Christ and retreat from the Gospel at the same time?
  2. (pg. 2) What is a “confused confession”?
  3. (pg. 2) Why is no one offended when you both align with Christ (in one sense) and deny Him (in another)?
  4. (pg. 2) What would Jesus say about such a “confused confession”?  What about Paul or Peter?
  5. (pg. 2-3) Christian is not a term the early followers of Jesus applied to themselves.  What did they call themselves?
  6. (pg. 3) How did Jesus respond at His trial when asked if He was the Christ?  Why were His words important?
  7. (pg. 3) What was Peter’s confession in front of the “rulers, elders and teachers of the law” in Acts 4?  What important description of Peter is offered in Acts 4:8 that explains his boldness?
  8. (pg. 3) How do the “ancient confessions” of Jesus, Peter and Paul differ from many modern proclamations of Jesus?
  9. (pg. 4) Is it important that we experience inconvenience or discomfort to fulfill the Great Commission?
  10. (pg. 4) What is “have your cake and eat it too” Christianity?

We started off by previewing the teaser video I created for the next section of the class (questions about the faith).  You can look at the longer version (~ 5 minutes) here:


I will be showing a shorter (2 minute) version of the video in church probably early in the new year to try to create some interest for the next section of the class.

During the class we also watched this 3 minute video about why Jesus is the only way of salvation from the author of our booklet (Greg Koukl):


Have a great week!

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