Apologetics Class 12-27-2015

Hi All,

Thanks for joining and participating in the class yesterday.  I enjoyed it.  We started off by watching a short video by Sean McDowell on religious pluralism:

Are All Religions True?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wCF6Q-ZVmM

Then we re-read pages 4-10 of the booklet “The Ambassador’s Guide to Pluralism”.  Here are the questions from the first 10 pages:

One Way for Some pg. 4-7

  1. (pg. 4) How does lack of knowledge and the inability to defend our faith lead to religious relativism?
  2. (pg. 4-5) How does Christian Apologetics (defense of the faith) help to elevate “mere belief” to “credible and justified conviction”?
  3. (pg. 5) Why is it unreasonable to claim that Jesus is your Savior, but not the world’s?
  4. (pg. 5) Jesus is either the savior for a____, or He is the savior of n_____.
  5. (pg. 6) Do most people recognize that they are guilty before God?  If not, how can we convince someone that they have a “sin problem”?
  6. (pg. 6 – bottom) What reason can you give (outside of “the Bible says so”) that Jesus the only way?
  7. (pg. 7 – top) What is “the problem”?  What is “the solution”?

Many Ways for All (Now Starting to Talk About Pluralism) pg. 7-10

  1. (pg. 7) What are the 2 kinds of religious pluralism?  Which is the most concerning kind?
  2. (pg. 8) What is the parable of six blind men and the elephant? How is it used as an argument for religious pluralism?
  3. (pg. 9) Why does the parable fail to demonstrate the legitimacy of religious pluralism?
  4. (pg. 10) Does further investigation into different religions lead one to believe they can be harmonized, or do more contradictions become apparent?
  5. (pg. 10) Someone could respond, “From God’s perspective, the details don’t matter.  He is satisfied with any sincere religious effort”.  How would you respond?

Next week we will continue reading starting at page 11, “One Way And Many Ways”, where the author starts to talk about the concept of inclusivism…

Have a blessed week!  See you next year 🙂

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