Role Playing Top 100 Questions and Objections to Christianity

The other day, me and this Christian brother of mine decided to start role playing through this list I found on-line.  We walk around the lake on a break at work (about 15 min) and I pull up these questions and objections on my phone.  We take turns handing the phone back and forth to each other, role-playing a skeptic in challenging the other person with one of the questions or objections below.  It is great practice for when we get that chance to really talk to someone!

Here are the top 100 Questions and Objections to Christianity.

1. “I’m as good as any Christian!”

2.“Mother Nature sure blew it…”

3. “I’m doing fine. I don’t need God.”

4. “I am doing the best I can and I’m sincere.”

5. “The First Commandment says, ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’ That proves He isn’t the only God!”

6. “Jesus taught hatred by saying that a Christian should ‘hate’ his father and mother.”

7. “Isn’t it blasphemous to call the Bible ‘God’s Word’ when it makes Him look so bad?”

8. “I believe I will go to heaven because I live by the Golden Rule.”

9. “God is unfair in that Hitler and a dear old lady (who never accepted Jesus) will both go to hell.”

10. “If abortion wasn’t legal, we’d have all those poor girls slipping off to see back-alley butchers. At least this way they’ll get counseling.”

11. “God made me to be a homosexual, so He doesn’t want me to change.”

12. “Aren’t there some circumstances when violating God’s Law is justified?”

13. “What if someone says they’ve never lied, stolen, lusted, blasphemed-if they deny having any sin at all?”

14. “I have broken the Ten Commandments, but I do good things for people.”

15. “You are trying to make me feel guilty by quoting the Ten Commandments.”

16. “What should I say to someone who acknowledges his sins, but says, ‘I just hope God is forgiving’?”

17. “I’ve made my peace with ‘the Man upstairs.'”

18. “What if someone says, ‘I’ve broken every one of the Ten Commandments’?”

19. “I was once a born-again Christian. Now I believe it’s all rubbish!”

20. “You shouldn’t talk about sin because Jesus didn’t condemn anyone. He was always loving and kind.”

21. “Why does the Old Testament show a God of wrath and the New Testament a God of mercy?”

22. “Jesus didn’t condemn the woman caught in the act of adultery, but condemned those who judged her. Therefore you shouldn’t judge others.”

23. “Could you be wrong in your claims about Judgment Day and hell?”

24. “Adam didn’t die the day God said he would!”

25. “Do you think that Christians are better than non-Christians?”

26. “Christianity is boring.”

27. “God made me like this. Sin is His fault!”

28. “I’ll take my chances.”

29. “I hope I’m going to heaven when I die.”

30. “Will people who have never heard the gospel go to hell because they haven’t heard about Jesus Christ?”

31. “How do I witness to someone I know?”

32. “How do I reach my neighbors with the gospel?”

33. “What should I say to someone who has lost a loved one through cancer?”

34. “Do you sin, as a Christian?”

35. “What should I say if someone asks, ‘Have you ever lusted?'”

36. “It’s intolerant to say that Jesus is the only way to God!”

37 “If God gives me some ‘sign,’ then I will believe.”

38. “I made a commitment, but nothing happened.”

39. “I will wait until I am old, then I will get right with God.”

40. “Was it Herod or his wife, Herodias, who wanted to kill John the Baptist?”

41. “Didn’t Jesus pray to the Father to prevent the crucifixion?”

42. “The Bible says ‘an eye for an eye,’ encouraging us to take the law into our own hands by avenging wrongdoing.”

43. “Did Simon Peter find out that Jesus was the Christ by a revelation from heaven (Matthew 16:17), or by his brother Andrew (John 1:41)?”

44. “God couldn’t forgive my sin.”

45. “The Bible says ‘God repented.’ Doesn’t that show He is capable of sin?”

46. “Because Jesus died on the cross, we are all forgiven of every sin.”

47. “I need to get my life cleaned up first.”

48. “Why does God allow evil?”

49. “Jesus wasn’t sinless-He became ‘angry’ when He cleared the temple.”

50. “I have been born again many times.”

51. “Is it possible that Jesus simply fainted on the cross, and revived while He was in the tomb?”

52. “The fact that there are so many versions proves that the Bible has mistakes. Which one is right?”

53. “Didn’t men write the Bible?”

54. “Christians can’t use ‘circular reasoning’ by trying to prove the Bible by quoting from the Bible!”

55. “I’ve tried to read the Bible, but I can’t understand it.”

56. “There are contradictions in the resurrection accounts. Did Christ appear first to the women or to His disciples?”

57. “The Bible calls God ‘the God of peace’ who tells men to ‘beat their swords into plowshares’ (Romans 15:33; Isaiah 2:4). It also calls Him ‘a man of war’ who says to ‘beat your plowshares into swords’ (Exodus 15:3; Joel 3:9, 10). Which is correct?”

58. “On the cross, Jesus cried, ‘My God, why have You forsaken Me?’ This proves He was a fake. God forsook Him.”

59. “When Jesus died on the cross, did the centurion say that Jesus was innocent, or that He was the Son of God?”

60. “God said He would blot out all remembrance of Amalek. The Bible itself disproves this statement by mentioning Amalek to this day.”

61. “If God is perfect, why did He make an imperfect creation?”

62. “What if I don’t feel that I have enough faith?”

63. “Did Jesus bear His own cross or not?”

64. “Doesn’t the Big Bang theory disprove the Genesis account of creation?”

65. “Where did Cain get his wife?”

66. “Adam was a mythical figure who never really lived.”

67. “How does the young-earth theory explain that we can see stars millions of light-years away? How would the light have reached us?”

68. “Where do all the races come from?”

69. “I don’t believe that God is knowable.”

70. “Who made God?”

71. “I will believe if God will appear to me.”

72. “Man is the master of his own destiny!”

73. “When you’re dead, you’re dead.”

74. “There is no absolute truth. You can’t be sure of anything!”

75. “I am too big a sinner.”

76. “Hell isn’t a place. This life is hell.”

77. “Religion has caused more wars than anything else in history.”

78. “Why is there suffering? That proves there is no ‘loving’ God.”

79. “I prefer to remain open-minded.”

80. “Why do I need a Savior?”

81. “Why are there so many different religions?”

82. “What gives you the right to judge me?”

83. “Religion is whatever you feel is right.”

84. “I tried Christianity once.”

85. “It must be possible for us to reach perfection, because the Bible tells us to be perfect.”

86. “How can you know that you are saved?”

87. “The Bible was written so that it would only look like Jesus fulfilled prophecy.”

88. “How should I witness to someone who belongs to a denomination, who I suspect isn’t trusting the Savior?”

89. “Why are there so many denominations?”

90. “How should I witness to my coworkers?”

91. “All religions are different paths to the same place.”

92. “Did John the Baptist recognize Jesus before His baptism, or not?”

93. “How can people be happy in heaven, knowing that their unsaved loved ones are suffering in hell?”

94. “I have things I need to do before I become a Christian.”

95. “Should we ever swear an oath?”

96. “I knew some Christians once and they wronged me.”

97. “How should I witness to a Jew?”

98. “The Bible says, ‘Judge not lest you be judged.’ You therefore have no right to judge me when it comes to my sins!”

99. “How can I witness to family members?”

100. “I don’t want to give up what I like doing.”

This site where I found these does post answers to the questions.

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