Apologetics Class (1-10-2016)

Hi All,

Very good class today.  Great discussion  We started off by watching the following 4 minute video by Greg Koukl:

That’s Just Your Opinionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_r51x10Paw

Then we read pages 18 – 22 of the Ambassador’s Guide to Pluralism.  Here are the notes we covered in the class:

Jousting With Giants / Anonymous Christians?

  1. (pg. 13-14) What is the story Emeth serving Tash, when he finally meets Aslan in the “The Last Battle” (Chronicles of Narnia)?  What relevance does that have to pluralism?
  2. (pg. 15) According to recent polls, more than half the Evangelicals in this country are comfortable confessing Jesus is t_____ Savior, but are reluctant to say Jesus is the o____ w___ for everyone else.
  3. (pg. 16) What is the difference between honoring every person as equal before God and honoring every person’s belief about God is equal before God?
  4. (pg. 17) Why do people (including Dinesh D’Souza) get confused on the issue of whether people need to believe in Jesus to be saved?

A Jealous God

  1. (pg. 18) What are some ways in the Old Testament that God was “narrow in His demands”?

I also mentioned about how this Christian friend of mine and I have started role playing through a list of the “Top 100 Questions and Objections to Christianity”.  I would recommend the same to all of you. Here is the site with all the questions and answers.

Next week we’ll finish the booklet and the following week we’ll start on the series where we examine one question or objection per week (and yes, I may draw from the above list, although I have other sources as well).

Blessings to you all

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