Apologetics Class 8/27/2017

Today we continued our Mormonism series by watching Good News for LDS Part 2 (Chapters 8-12):

The First Vision:

The Occult:

The Translator:



Here is the note-taking form I handed out prior to starting the videos:

Good News for LDS Part 2 (Chapters 8-12) ~40 minutes

  1. The First Vision
    1. Joseph Smith recorded several different accounts of his first v_______. Some of these accounts have Jesus only, some have an angel, some have multiple angels, but the official version of the LDS church has God the Father and Jesus appearing to him.
    2. Since the official vision was before Smith’s official ordination to the priesthood, this would conflict with D&C84:21-22, which says without the authority of the priesthood, no man can see the Father and live.
    3. There are 9 varying accounts of the first vision. The first vision is considered the foundation and the cornerstone of the M___________ religion.
    4. Joseph was a ___ year old boy when he supposedly first had this visitation.
    5. He was known around the country as a fabricator of stories. Even his father-in-law thought so.
    6. In 1855 Brigham Young preached a sermon in which he denied that the Lord came to Joseph in the first vision, but was rather visited by an a____________.
  2. The Occult
    1. Joseph, his father and brother were actively involved in the o________ while living in NY
    2. Joseph found his seer stone while money digging. This seer stone was claimed to have been used by Joseph to translate the B_____ of M__________ from the golden plates.
    3. On March 15th 1842, Joseph Smith joined the Freemasons (believe Jesus is not divine)
    4. Joseph’s Mason membership affected the development of the temple ceremonies
    5. Nauvoo, Illinois temple architecture utilized masonic symbols
    6. The Jupiter Talisman – one of Joseph’s intimate p___________. Guaranteed the possessor the gain of riches, favor, power, love and peace and ability to influence female love.  This talisman was found is Joseph’s pocket the day he died in Carthage.
  3. The Translator
    1. The g______ p________ were not used during the translation of The Book of Mormon. Rather, it was translated by Joseph looking into a “peep stone” (seer stone) inside a hat.
    2. Oliver Cowdery was primary scribe for Joseph & 1 of “the 3 witnesses” listed in BoM
    3. Joseph Smith boasted that the BoM was the most a____________ book in existence.
    4. If this book was translated by the power of God, why thousands of corrections?
    5. The witnesses said that they never p_____________ saw or handled the golden plates.
    6. Paul warns of another gospel in Galatians 1:8 (even from an angel [e.g. Moroni]…)
    7. Kinderhook Plates – a trap set for Joseph, a hoax to expose him as a false pr_________.
  4. Lamanites and DNA
    1. Lamanites are described by Joseph Smith as ancestors of the ancient I_____________
    2. DNA testing of > 5000 Native Americans from 150 different tribes has been completed
    3. Not 1 person contained DNA that was of H______ descent, but rather A______ descent.
    4. In order to be a Mormon, one must trust in the “stories” of Joseph Smith
    5. The Book of A________ has been proven to be completely false. No Egyptologists agree with Joseph’s interpretation of the ancient scroll. Rather, it is a common f________ text.
  5. Conclusion – Jesus Christ vs. Joseph Smith
    1. Joseph claimed that there were many ancient c__________ in the Americas (38) – not one has ever been found.
    2. DNA evidence disproves his story about N________ A____________ origins
    3. He was a liar, a false prophet, a womanizer/adulterer, a fraud.
    4. Examine objectively the life of Joseph Smith and the teachings of the Book of Mormon over against the Jesus of the New Testament and the r____________ of the Bible
    5. The Mormons are good people and they’re worth the fight. We love them.
    6. There are no excuses at the final judgement
    7. All you have to do is believe in Christ.
    8. You must choose to follow J_______ or to follow J______ – you can’t do both. CHOOSE!

Discussion Questions

  1. How old was Joseph when he supposedly received his first vision?
  2. Were the accounts of Joseph’s vision always consistently told by him?
  3. What is a “peep stone” or “seer stone”? What did Joseph use it for?
  4. In what ways were Joseph and his father involved in the occult?
  5. Was Joseph ever in trouble with the law? Was he ever arrested?  How is this different from the apostles Peter, John and Paul being imprisoned in the book of Acts?
  6. How did Joseph’s membership in the Free Masons influence Mormon practices?
  7. How did Joseph supposedly “receive” the Book of Mormon?
  8. By what method did Joseph supposedly translate the Book of Mormon into English?
  9. What are the “Kinderhook Plates” and what do they tell us about the nature of Joseph Smith?
  10. How does DNA evidence contradict Joseph Smith’s story of Native American origins?
  11. What is the Book of Abraham? What is the story of that book’s origin? What does it tell us about the reliability of Joseph Smith as a translator of ancient languages?
  12. Why is Joseph Smith considered a liar, a false prophet?
  13. Why is Joseph Smith considered a womanizer and an adulterer?
  14. Why do we believe Mormon people are not evil enemies to be opposed?
  15. What were the 3 ungodly motivations that drove Joseph to perpetrate his lies?


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