Apologetics Class 12/3/2017

Here is the video we watched today in the apologetics class – Homosexuality with Compassion & Clarity – Sean McDowell:

Here is the note-taking form I handed out:

Homosexuality- Compassion and Clarity – Sean McDowell

  1. “I can’t keep living because my life is a living Hell. I can’t die because I will go to Hell” – Christian Teen
  2. Questions for Thought:
    1. How would your l_______ change if you had same sex attraction?
    2. How would it affect your r____________?
    3. How would it affect your f____________?
    4. How would it affect your f____________?
  3. Aren’t all sins e___________?
  4. What bad impressions do Christians leave that prevent us from even being h____________?
  5. “Outsiders say our hostility toward gays – not just opposition to homosexual politics and behaviors, but disdain for gay i______________ – has become virtually synonymous with the Christian faith” – David Kinnaman, author of “UnChristian”
  6. “We must obey God rather than men” – Acts 5:29
  7. All sins are not equal, but there is a sense in which sin is equal: any sin can eternally s_____________ us from a loving and Holy God.
  8. 5 General Biblical Truths:
    1. There is not a single passage in the OT or NT that s____________ homosexuality
    2. Until the middle of the 20th century, not a single Church leader a_____________ homosexuality
    3. Every regulation in the Bible assumes m__________-f___________ sex.
    4. Every P_____________ or wise saying in the Bible assumes heterosexuality
    5. The Ten Commandments assume h________________
  9. 3 Passages from the Bible that lay out God’s on marriage/sexuality:
    1. Genesis 2:24/Matthew 19:4-6
    2. Leviticus 18:22
    3. Romans 1:26-27
  10. How do we as a Church respond?
    1. Speak with t___________________
    2. Do not allow gay j___________ and comments
    3. Preach the Gospel: Change is P_____________
    4. Be prepared to s______________
  11. “For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that should be God’s will, than for doing evil” 1 Peter 3:17


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