mid-week apologetics booster (3-31-2022)

Good morning friends,

Here is a random quote (of over 2200) from Nuggets:

We live between two great days: The day Christ hung before men and the day all men will kneel before Christ. – Paul Washer

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Now, here are your weekly links:

  1. Darwin’s Nightmare (Basics of Intelligent Design Biology, Ep. 1) – YouTube – When Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, he was painstakingly aware of the fact that the fossil record diametrically opposed his theory. Ever since Darwin’s time, paleontologists have put their finger on the Cambrian explosion, where most of the major animal phyla appear abruptly in the fossil record suddenly and without any evidence of intermediate forms preceding them in Precambrian strata. This video is part of “Basics of Intelligent Design Biology,” a video series reviewing scientific problems with the Darwinian (and neo-Darwinian) evolution of animal life. The first four episodes (season 1) will review the basics of the Cambrian explosion and failed evolutionary attempts to explain it using Precambrian fossils, punctuated equilibrium, and the tree of life. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3B8KkSZp_E
  2. This 1 Thing Stops Ben Shapiro From Becoming a Christian – YouTube – Many Christians look up to Ben Shapiro for good reasons, but unfortunately he has yet to embrace Jesus as his Savior. Why could this be? Ray Comfort looks deeper into Ben Shapiro’s life and beliefs, discusses the big sin issue that prevents him from becoming a Christian, and then shows an evangelism encounter that he recently had with a Jewish man.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX3qcAWn9Pc
  3. Saved by Faith or Works? by Mark Spence – The Protestant Reformation was huge, and it all began in 1517 on a Roman Catholic Church’s door when a German monk, named Martin Luther, nailed 95 complaints against the church. The Protestant Reformation really revolved around two words: imputed vs. infused, and this was the mother, the real mother, of all battles. The Roman Catholic Church taught that when a man becomes a Christian through baptism, a part of Jesus righteousness is infused or injected, if you will, into the person, and if he didn’t commit any gross sins, continued to take the sacraments, grew in holiness, and died with the last rites, then he could go to Heaven. In other words, he received a little of Jesus righteousness, but had to work his way toward perfection. But then, Martin Luther, reading Romans 1:17, understood the just shall live by faith, and he grasped imputed, not infused, but imputed, righteousness. Imputed righteousness is when God takes our filth and our sins, and He lays them on Jesus Christ at the cross and in exchange, we receive Jesus righteousness. We don’t become perfect, but God sees us as perfect through the blood of Jesus Christ. All of our sins, past, present, and future, are forgiven. No working toward perfection; were seen as perfect, so when we stand before a holy God on Judgment Day, well go to Heaven not because of what we’ve done, but because of what Jesus has done. Ray Comfort on Works Now some people might hear that and think, Great! Since Jesus paid the price for our sin, we can sin all we want, right? If we don’t get to Heaven based on good works, why be good at all? And this is exactly what Paul addresses in Romans chapter 6 when he asks, Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? His answer: Certainly not! So how are we to understand the relationship between faith and works? Fortunately, God summed it up in Ephesians 2:8-9: For by grace you are saved through faith, and not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast. Then the very next verse he explains where works come in: For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works. Were saved for good works; not because of good works. Good works aren’t the way to salvation; they’re the result of it. If you claim to be a Christian but have no good works to show for it, or worse yet, your life is marked by sin, then you might not be a Christian at all. Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10).: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwR7zT9NtZM
  4. WHAT’S YOUR WORLDVIEW? What is a Worldview? Does God Exist? How Did Everything Begin? Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Happens After I Die? Cabbages and puppies don’t think about this stuff, but people do. Reflecting on the big questions in life is part of what makes us human. Everyone Has A Worldview-What’s Yours? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXnSE0uvwzM
  5. What is the meaning of an upside-down / inverted cross? | GotQuestions.org: https://www.gotquestions.org/upside-down-cross.html
  6. What is the Eastern Star organization, and are they related to the Free Masons? | GotQuestions.org: https://www.gotquestions.org/Eastern-Star.html
  7. The Hidden Unchristian Belief of TOP Progressive Christian Influencers – YouTube: https://youtu.be/nYuWlxnqa4o
  8. Salvation was by grace through faith in Old Testament: https://www.lewistownsentinel.com/news/religion/2020/01/salvation-was-by-grace-through-faith-in-old-testament/
  9. What is Pelagianism? | GotQuestions.org: https://www.gotquestions.org/Pelagianism.html
  10. The charge is made by some that Christians are evil.  Is it true? Resolving Doubts. Renewing Purpose. Reasons for God: https://reasonsforgod.org/are-christians-evil/
  11. New study: more than half of all female-to-male transgender teens attempt suicide | WINTERY KNIGHT: https://winteryknight.com/2022/03/28/new-study-more-than-half-of-all-female-to-male-transgender-teens-attempt-suicide-3/
  12. How Should The Church Engage Those With Same-Sex Attraction Or Gender Dysphoria? | Cross Examined Official Podcast: https://crossexamined.org/how-should-the-church-engage-those-with-same-sex-attraction-or-gender-dysphoria/
  13. Is There Ever Enough Evidence for the Hyper-Skeptic? #7 Post of 2012 | Tough Questions Answered: https://www.toughquestionsanswered.org/2012/12/17/is-there-ever-enough-evidence-for-the-hyper-skeptic/
  14. What is sola scriptura? | GotQuestions.org – Sola scriptura was the rallying cry of the Protestant Reformation. For centuries the Roman Catholic Church had made its traditions superior in authority to the Bible. This resulted in many practices that were in fact contradictory to the Bible. Some examples are prayer to saints and/or Mary, the immaculate conception, transubstantiation, infant baptism, indulgences, and papal authority. Martin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran Church and father of the Protestant Reformation, was publicly rebuking the Catholic Church for its unbiblical teachings. The Catholic Church threatened Martin Luther with excommunication (and death) if he did not recant. Martin Luther’s reply was, Unless therefore I am convinced by the testimony of Scripture, or by the clearest reasoning, unless I am persuaded by means of the passages I have quoted, and unless they thus render my conscience bound by the Word of God, I cannot and will not retract, for it is unsafe for a Christian to speak against his conscience. Here I stand, I can do no other; may God help me! Amen!: https://www.gotquestions.org/sola-scriptura.html
  15. (from 2007) What happens to the babies who used to be in limbo? The Vatican announced on Friday the results of a papal investigation of the concept of limbo. Church doctrine now states that unbaptized babies can go to heaven instead of getting stuck somewhere between heaven and hell. If limbo doesn’t exist, what happened to everyone who was supposed to have been there already?: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2007/04/what-happens-to-the-babies-who-used-to-be-in-limbo.html
  16. James White vs The Omni Argument | Free Thinking Ministries: https://freethinkingministries.com/james-white-vs-the-omni-argument/
  17. Olbers’ paradox – Wikipedia – In astrophysics and physical cosmology, Olbers’ paradox, named after the German astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers, also known as the “dark night sky paradox”, is the argument that the darkness of the night sky conflicts with the assumption of an infinite and eternal static universe.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olbers%27_paradox
  18. UNDERSTANDING Mormon Disbelief – Why do some Mormons lose their testimony, and what happens to them when they do?: http://www.whymormonsquestion.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Survey-Results_Understanding-Mormon-Disbelief-Mar20121.pdf
  19. Just war principles | George’s Journal: https://georgesjournal.net/2022/03/30/just-war-principles/

Look upon my suffering and deliver me, for I have not forgotten your law. Defend my cause and redeem me; preserve my life according to your promise. Salvation is far from the wicked, for they do not seek out your decrees. Your compassion is great, O LORD; preserve my life according to your laws. Many are the foes who persecute me, but I have not turned from your statutes. Psalms 119:153-157

Blessings to you all

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