Apologetics Class 5/21/2017

We had a good message in the Apologetics class today. This was not the traditional Apologetics material per se, but none the less, I still think it was relevant to Apologetics. Here is the video on YouTube (47 min):

Are you saved? (click on image below to open youtube video in a new tab)

Below, I’ve pasted in the notes (with fill-in blanks) and attached the notes with answers.

We have one more week before we break for the summer

Blessings to you all!

Are You Saved? James MacDonald – John 8:30-36

  1. 100 years from today, this will be the only thing that matters to you – your s______________.
  2. The Bible teaches that you are lost in sin – you have a t____________ condition known as sin.
  3. You’re not saved because you say so any more than you’re in Cincinnati because you know how to get t____________.
  4. To the question, “Are you saved?” rather than telling you how they k_______ they’re saved, they tell you how to g_______ saved.

6 Points in the message from John 8:30-36:

  1. Many people b____________ in Jesus (John 8:30)
    1. Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13) – 4 types of soils / people / heart condition.
    2. All true Christians bear f_________.
    3. Parable of the wheat and weeds (Matthew 13) – early on, it’s not obvious which is “the weeds” and which is “the wheat”.  T________ will tell.
    4. Matthew 7:21 and following – it’s what you do that proves the g_________ of your faith
    5. If your faith hasn’t c_____________ you, it hasn’t s___________ you.
  2. Genuine disciples a________ in Jesus’ words (John 8:31)
    1. Salvation happens at a p__________ in time, but it is p___________ over
    2. You can say it, but over time we’re gonna know whether it’s really t_________ by what we see in your life.
    3. How do you know you’re saved? “I have a growing l________ for God’s word”
    4. How am I different because of following Christ? (spiritual self-inventory)
    5. I’m not what I c________ be, I’m not what I s_______ be, but I’m not what I w_____…
  3. Abiding leads to f__________ (John 8:32)
    1. Freedom from the p____________ of sin (penalty of sin is already taken care of)
  4. False disciples don’t recognize their b__________ (John 8:33-34)
    1. You refer to your spiritual heritage as p____________ that you’re okay.
    2. False disciples are not especially c_____________ by their sin

Bondage Checkup

  1. Do you have a s__________ sin? (that’s increasing its intensity in your life)
  2. Do you have a capacity to “hold on” to an o_______________?
  3. Do you have a “reflex reaction” to r_____________ about sin? True Christians know how awful sin is and they want it out of their lives.
  4. Do you find overt discussions about s______________ intensities disquieting or even aggravating?  It’s because you’re not like that and you think that people like that must be making it up because for you to be like that you’d have to make it up.
  5. Do you battle a c____________ spirit toward people who appear devoted to Christ?

Points (cont’d)

  1. False disciples don’t r____________ in Christ (John 8:35) – a message like this could be subtitled “Operation Crowd Reduction”.  It’s not about a quantity of disciples, it’s about a quality of discipleship.
    1. Your assurance of salvation is not based on your conversion story, it’s based on your l__________, looking at it (how you’re living).
    2. Maybe people who’ve walked away from God have just b___________ and He’ll bring them back if they’re really His children.
  2. “Therefore, if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).  So, here’s the question: Are you s____________ or u_________________?

Discussion Questions

  1. In what way was James MacDonald’s message relevant to apologetics?
  2. Is a James MacDonald telling us that a Christian must work for their salvation?
  3. Did you find this message personally convicting?
  4. Do you have anyone in your circle of friends or acquaintances that claims to be a Christian, but is not living that way? (do not reveal names)  How could you approach them?
  5. James MacDonald said hear the end of the message, “I deserve hell and I’m headed for it”. How can anyone believe that he or she deserves hell?  How would you communicate that message to a non-Christian in conversation?
  6. What does it mean to “examine yourself to see if you’re in the faith”? (1 Cor. 13:5a)
  7. What did James MacDonald mean in this message when he referred to having “fire insurance”?
  8. How can believers in Christ have assurance of their salvation?
  9. Is James MacDonald saying that a Christian can lose his or her faith?
  10. If someone grew up in the church and in a Christian family, at what point are they truly saved?
  11. How can we strike a balance between grace and truth in communicating with ‘weeds’ that may be among us in the church?

Here is a link to the answers.


Good Quotes and Other Material from Pastor James MacDonald

  1. Gratitude is the attitude that sets the altitude for living. -James MacDonald
  2. Another great sermon on a great topic by James MacDonald. He talks about how you KNOW you’re saved, not how you GOT saved. He says, you’re not in Cincinnati simply because you know how to get to Cincinnati – good analogy…
  3. We should work as though it all depends on us, but pray as if it all depends on God. -James MacDonald (he said this while he was preaching on Daniel chapter 1, where Daniel model this approach by going to the King and asking him about something, as well as praying to the Lord about it)
  4. Don’t offer your future on the altar of the immediate. -James MacDonald
  5. Hell is a place of eternal torment for the impenitent. … Born once, die twice. Born twice, die once! -Pastor James MacDonald (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJAUrtrO6jU&feature=youtu.be)
  6. You can’t appreciate the solution, until you understand the problem. -James MacDonald (speaking in his Christmas sermon called “it’s a boy”)
  7. James MacDonald – Wise Up About Friendship- 20 minute sermon snippet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z9V6-wv7f8
  8. Great sermon by James MacDonald on truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWO29pzbpFk
  9. Jesus Christ CONTROLS access to God the Father! -James MacDonald
  10. Important message! James MacDonald – Winning the War Over Worldliness  – 20 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liCE4IR6vhM
  11. If He didn’t intend to use this (thorn) for your good, He wouldn’t have allowed it. -James MacDonald
  12. James MacDonald Speaks About Race Relations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLAHKOPULd0
  13. From the book “Fresh Rain – 30 days to personal revival” by James MacDonald:
  14. God has provided for your forgiveness in Christ. To reject Christ is to reject forgiveness; to reject Christ is to reject heaven; to reject Christ is to reject protection from the wrath that is coming. -James MacDonald
  15. You can be nothing publicly for God that you are not first privately. -James MacDonald
  16. James MacDonald speaks about 9/11(2 minute snippet): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgoA08rxJRc
  17. There is life after death and if I don’t know where I’m going it is not safe to die. -James MacDonald
  18. Pastor James MacDonald…”Are You Saved”? Eternal Destination…Don’t Get This One Wrong! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVRUTknpA7Q
  19. Critical question – the most critical question you will ever answer: is your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life? -James MacDonald
  20. What do we get? Well the first thing is that we’re found in him. That’s the joy of salvation! God forgive us if we ever lose the joy of salvation! Without a doubt, not every person in this room tonight is saved. And 1000 years from today the absolute distinguishing feature of us will be: those who are saved and those who are not saved! It won’t matter what suburb you lived in, it won’t matter what car you drove. It won’t matter whether your career was, in your estimation, a success or a failure. All that will matter is this single point: are you saved? (And that you know that you are!) The joy that that produces in every moment! – James MacDonald (Feb. 16th 2011, from the sermon titled “The Joy of Being Found In Christ”, preaching on Philippians 3)