Apologetics Class 9/3/2017

Today we continued our Mormonism series by listening to a podcast by J. Warner Wallace.  I created the following youtube video to make it easier to use this in the class:

Here is the note-taking form I handed out:

J. Warner Wallace – Investigating Mormonism: Joseph Smith

  1. Evidence Related to Motive
  2. Sexual Lust
  3. Financial Greed
  4. The Pursuit of Power
  5. The First Point of Evaluation: What Should We Conclude So Far?
  6. Evidence Related to the Timing of the Writing
  7. The Second Great Awakening Swept Through New York
  8. The Great Preachers of the Awakening Left Little Guidance
  9. The Culture Was Fascinated With the Origin of Native Americans
  10. The People of Palmyra Were Interested in Treasure-Digging
  11. The Second Point of Evaluation: What Should We Conclude So Far?
  12. Evidence Related to the Author of the Book
  13. Joseph was a Local Treasure-Digger
  14. Joseph Used a “Seer Stone”
  15. Joseph Was Charged with Fraud
  16. The Third Point of Evaluation: What Should We Conclude So Far?
  17. Evidence Related to the Translation Process
  18. No One Ever Observed the Plates with Their Natural Eyes
  19. Joseph Translated Just As He Searched for Treasure
  20. Joseph Was Unable to Duplicate the Lost 116 Pages
  21. The Fourth Point of Evaluation: What Should We Conclude So Far?

Discussion Questions

  1. What examples can you give of Joseph’s 3 ungodly motives (sexual lust, financial greed, pursuit of power) for creating this new movement (Mormonism)?
  2. Joseph was born in the midst of which great awakening? Why is this fact important?
  3. When did Joseph claim that polygamy was God-ordained (after what event)?
  4. What theory does the book “The View of the Hebrews” (by Ethan Smith) propose? Why is this relevant to Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon?
  5. In what way was Joseph Smith in trouble with the law while in New York?
  6. Who are the “3 witnesses” and why are they important to Mormonism? Did the witnesses actually see the “golden plates”?
  7. In what manner did Joseph Smith supposedly “translate” the book of Mormon? Were the plates present during the translation process?
  8. Explain the situation with the lost 116 pages of the book of Mormon and Martin & Lucy Harris. How does this help us determine whether the book of Mormon really was of divine origin?
  9. Should Joseph Smith be considered as a trustworthy source of truth?

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