mid-week apologetics booster (2/12/2015)

Good morning everyone!

Hope you’re having a great week!  Enjoy one or more of these articles and videos:

  1. Today is ‘Darwin Day’ (the 206th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday).  Be prepared in case someone brings up the topic!  Here is a short video promo for a book about the same subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm4WuWOatjs
  2. John West on Atheist Philosopher Thomas Nagel’s “Simple but Profound Objection to Darwinism”: http://www.evolutionnews.org/2015/02/john_west_on_at093501.html
  3. Crossing Over: Q&A with Nabeel Qureshi – Dr. Nabeel Qureshi is a former devout Muslim who was convinced of the truth of the Gospel through historical reasoning and a spiritual search for God.  Since his conversion, he has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel through teaching, preaching, writing, and debating – http://rzim.org/rzim-news/crossing-over-qa-with-nabeel-qureshi
  4. Ancient tablets reveal life of Jews in Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon: http://news.yahoo.com/ancient-tablets-reveal-life-jews-nebuchadnezzars-babylon-174318332.html
  5. Obama / Crusades:
    1. What Were the Crusades? Busting Some Myths – this was good, it gives a timeline of events and links to an article with more detail: http://apologetics-notes.comereason.org/2015/02/what-were-crusades-busting-some-myths.html
    2. About Those Crusades… http://str.typepad.com/weblog/2015/02/about-those-crusades.html
    3. Obama Hijacks Christianity to Defend Islam (Frank Turek) – Here’s a great quote: We shouldn’t judge a religion by its abuse, but by its truths. Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” Muhammad said, “Kill them.” In Islam, your son dies for God. In Christianity, God’s son dies for you.  http://townhall.com/columnists/frankturek/2015/02/08/obama-hijacks-christianity-to-defend-islam-n1954012/page/full
    4. Ravi Zacharias – A Presidential Blunder: My Response to Obama’s Address at the National Prayer Breakfast: http://rzim.org/blog/a-presidential-blunder-my-response-to-obamas-address-at-the-national-prayer-breakfast
  6. “The Nephilim Have Been Found” or Yet Another Example of Really Bad Apologetics: http://www.reclaimingthemind.org/blog/2010/04/yet-another-example-of-really-bad-apologetics/
  7. The Five Most Common Fallacies about the Life of Jesus: http://historicaljesusresearch.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-five-most-common-fallacies-about.html
  8. Four Self-Refuting Statements Heard on College Campuses Across America (J. Warner Wallace) – http://coldcasechristianity.com/2013/four-self-refuting-statements-heard-on-college-campuses-across-america/
  9. The Problem With Christian Apologetics – This is William Lane Craig rebutting Bishop Joseph Mattera, who is Overseeing Bishop of Resurrection Church and Christ Covenant Coalition in Brooklyn, New York.  This bishop wrote a piece called ‘God’s Not Dead’ and the Problem With Christian Apologetics.  Dr. Craig rebuts this piece point by point.  I liked this:  If he really thinks that all of our logic is circular and subjective then how can he justify the inferences that he has made in this article? He has presented an argument against the use of positive evidence and arguments for Christianity’s truth. He undoes his own case if he impugns logic and human reason as just inherently circular and subjective…notice there the “thus.” See, that is an inference he’s made. He has made an inference here. “All of our logic is circular since human reason is finite and subjective. . . Thus, no one can prove or disprove the existence of God.” Really? Now, why does that conclusion follow from that premise if logic is just subjective and circular? You see, Kevin, how he is immediately caught in the trap. He is using logic to try to undo logic. So he is trying to give us an argument here against proving or disproving God’s existence, but that will presuppose then the validity of the logic which he is impugning.  http://www.reasonablefaith.org/the-problem-with-christian-apologetics
  10. 5 Guaranteed Ways To Make Your Kids Hate Church: http://www.ministrybestpractices.com/2015/02/5-guaranteed-ways-to-make-your-kids.html
  11. Overcoming the Skepticism of Christian Apologetics – As J Warner Wallace says, sometimes you have to make the case for case making: http://worldviewofjesus.com/2015/02/08/overcoming-the-skepticism-of-christian-apologetics/
  12. Is the Message of the New Testament Lost? http://www.christianapologeticsalliance.com/2015/02/08/is-the-message-of-the-new-testament-lost/
  13. Christianity without hell (no, this is not promoting the idea that there is no hell): http://www.mbcpathway.com/2015/01/21/what-christianity-without-hell-looks-like/
  14. What I Would Have To Deny To Deny Hell: http://www.challies.com/articles/what-i-would-have-to-deny-to-deny-hell
  15. 3 2 1 – the story of God, the World and you – great 5 minute 43 second video: http://vimeo.com/48734715
  16. Are the Gospels Reliable? 10 Quick Points: http://www.saintsandsceptics.org/are-the-gospels-reliable-sources-quick-points/
  17. How Do You Know the Scriptures are from God? One Testimony in the Early Church (Tatian): http://michaeljkruger.com/how-do-you-know-the-scriptures-are-from-god-one-testimony-in-the-early-church/

May at least one of these items speak to you in the way the Lord intended.

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